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Our systems support team are there for all your IT issues

At LJT Systems Ltd, our support starts with the very first meeting. We’ll establish the requirements your business IT systems and team need. Ensuring your company operations and productivity are optimized to its full potential. ​


BE FAIR ON PRICE;We will tailor a package around your budget and guide you on priority in order to reach the best solutions for you.
GIVE AN HONEST EVALUATION;IT infrastructure is at the core of our business, and we will not compromise on quality, so we will give an honest evaluation of your current infrastructure verses you IT goals.
A SMOOTH MIGRATION;Migrating your services requires a high degree of professionalism within our industry. At LJT Systems Ltd, we will always work to the best interest of our clients to ensure a smooth transition.

On review we will give you our honest expert knowledge and guidance for how we can achieve this with your existing IT infrastructure and how new technology can benefit your IT operations.

Our IT support starts the moment you’re onboard with us. Your team will have quick access to our help desk direct from their desktops straight to the portal. It will be logged and a dedicated technician will liaise with you every step of the way. All you need to do is tell us the issue.​

In the first instance we will connect remotely to provide solutions to issues, meaning we can support you from anywhere whether in the office or working from home. We serve clients in Lancashire, Yorkshire, Cheshire, Cumbria, Wiltshire, and Europe.

As well as your day-to-day support desk our technical team can monitor your ‘on premise’ or ‘on cloud’ servers, all critical services across your network, automate updates, run scripts and protect your systems with the latest malware and anti-virus monitoring software.​

LJT Systems Ltd has support engineers available for onsite visits as and when needed.

6 monthly health checks to ensure your IT systems are running efficiently. We will also send you timely reminders for matters such as hardware warranty renewal, Anti-Virus license renewal etc. ​

Departments are always updating, upgrading or growing with the changes to the business and the Technology landscape.

At LJT Systems Ltd we have an extensive knowledge and involvement on almost every software and hardware offerings on the market.

We have done extensive research, verified products that we make recommendations on, and we are happy to pass this knowledge to customers as and when required.​

Our dedicated members working on our service desk, offering unlimited telephone and remote business IT support with coverage ranging from normal working hours to 24/7 depending on our client’s needs.​



LJT Systems Ltd take pride in making sure we are meeting our own high standards and with our IT strategic advice for infrastructure, security and auditing we can advice you on the best strategy for your IT to meet with your standards and expectations.​

Your business will be better prepared if you consider the potential external threats it may face with regards to IT infrastructure.​

Knowing possible vulnerabilities and mitigating them first is the key to reliable and functional IT system. ​

LJT Systems Ltd experienced team can help you navigate the what ifs and make sure your business is ready for any IT challenge it may face. ​

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With us your IT possibilities are infinite