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Keeping you secure and up to date making sure your business is never vulnerable

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Cyber security is every company’s concern no matter how small. Keeping, storing and protecting data is vital for all businesses. Every piece of information a company holds needs to be protected from cyber – attack whether this is a phishing email or malware or virus attack. To have the data compromised can cause irreparable damage to a company’s integrity and confidentiality if its data is accessed and or stolen by cyber criminals.​

‘Cyber Security is every company’s concern no matter how small.’ ​

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LJT Systems Ltd can provide your business with a network security audit. Regularly checking your network security is vital to ensure your business is always protected against security threats.

This will give you a complete analysis of your security system and identify any risks which can then be fixed to ensure the protection of your business-critical information.​

‘If you’re storing it, secure it’​

‘Good information handling makes good business sense.’

Let LJT Systems manage your AV deployment, with leading AV software deployed via your in – house active directory. Good information handling makes good business sense. With our managed Anti-virus deployment, we can continually monitor the protection of your systems, keep your updates deploying successfully and generate monthly reports to show when where and how potential threats have been deflected. ​

‘The reputational consequences of a data breach is far more costly than putting security protection in place.’​

Protect your business with:

Advanced threat protection
Protection from Ransomware
Anti-phishing blocks
Firewall monitoring
Virus scanning
Protect across all devices
Protect across all operating systems
Multiple layer defense to prevent and detect
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Get the protection you need with Cyber Essentials.​

Cyber Essentials helps you to guard against the most common cyber threats and demonstrate your commitment to cyber security.​

We don’t claim to maintain high levels of quality and information security we’re audited on it, so you know we are as invested in maintaining high levels data protection as you are. ​

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Cyber Security is essential, don’t leave your business unprotected​