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VTape How It Works

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How It Works

We have tried to keep VTape V2 as simple and easy to use as possible.


You can start your recording at the click of a button or a couple of clicks of the mouse. You can record for as long as you like and you have the option of auseing the recording and going back and editing it at any point.

Once you have finished your recording you can then assign it a name and project send it to one person, multiple people or a group of people for transcription. All tapes are given unique codes so you can find them easily.


After sending your tape, the users you sent it to will get a notification that there is a new tape ready to be transcribed. One of the recipients should accept it (which prevents it being transcribed by multiple people at the same time) and begin transcription.

The transcriber has the ability to transcribe the tape using the tools provided or using third party tools such as Microsoft Word.


When the transcription has been complete it is saved, along with the tape, on our servers allowing you access to it from anywhere and at anytime.

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