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Mobile Services

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The mobile service offered by LJT Systems Ltd is built exclusively for the UK business market. It has been designed to deliver improved coverage for both voice and data. With our mobile service your device will enhance and not hinder your ability to conduct business in a flexible manner.

At LJT Systems Ltd we also provide travel ‘bolt-ons’ that are as flexible as you need them to be. Our service is a true fixed/mobile convergence service which extends the power of a standard fixed telephone to your mobile estate and you will also get a network provider that provides top tier customer service and support.

What makes LJT Systems Ltd mobile services different?

Mobile for business applications

Business mobile device needs are very different to standard consumer applications. In business reliability is everything. Traditionally the business market has had limited access to good value, reliable data contracts. At LJT Systems Ltd we are aware that the future is all about mobile data, due to the vast array of apps that now use mobile data as well as the amount of data transferred from device to device by way of email etc. Because of this ,we make available to our business customers the biggest and most reliable mobile data service in the UK. With this we aim for a better overall mobile experience for all our business customers. As well as the best mobile data service we also offer a great range of standard and optional features including high end 4G as standard and also business traveller options.  The voicemail offered by us has been built with the business end user in mind, with a range of advanced features such as increased message storage, customisable and flexible greeting options per number plus tailored greetings based on your business hours.

We focus on customer service

LJT Systems Ltd has always been committed to excelling in customer service and support. With our mobile solutions you get the same excellent service we already deliver for our other telecoms services. Our UK based support teams are always on hand so you can always get through to the right person to handle your query, and our teams are experts in both fault resolution and provisioning.

Network Coverage

Being available to clients and able to work as efficiently as normal when you are mobile is key to doing business well. For this reason, having access to the best UK network is crucial. With the best data SIM service available for your business, you will be able to work seamlessly while mobile, not just in your usual place of work. There is also no need for multiple provider contracts because, wherever your offices are located, the MultiNet bolt-on enables you to do business in more locations than you would otherwise with a single network. Our network gives you a huge competitve advantage because as your competitors mobiles are out of signal, yours keep working allowing you to keep working.

Fixed/mobile convergence – Connect

As a fixed-line network and now with the addition of the core systems for the mobile network, we at LJT Systems Ltd can offer highly competitive on-net rates and are in the unique position to make fixed/mobile convergence an affordable reality for your business. Learn more about linked mobile.

Benefits of our Mobile solutions

  • We have access to the core mobile network systems, so with LJT Systems Ltd there is no reliance on other networks. This makes it easier for us to manage your mobiles for you.
  • The network we use is built for business only
  • Access to the largest and most reliable data network in the UK
  • No standard consumer traffic contesting the network during business hours
  • A great range of features designed specifically for businesses, including a great business-centric voicemail service
  • Reliable 4G as standard
  • A real focus on customer service excellence