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Managed WiFi

IT Support & Services For Businesses Large & Small

Determined by the increasing need to be connected to the internet at all times throughout the business day, wireless solutions are a significant area that you must evaluate for your business. You deserve services that will ensure that all of your wireless needs are dealt with corrcetly, irrespective of the device in question.

With our wireless solutions, you can:

  • Help safeguard the security of your network and circumvent malicious attacks.
  • Create and sustain diverse profiles for countless classes of users, including guest internet.
  • Keep your network optimised and your users connected at all times.
  • Maintain safe cabling standards.
  • Implement multiple Wi-Fi access.

Fully managed Wi-Fi is just that – fully managed. you will receive the services from our highly skilled Technicians. There are also many different solutions from which to choose, including options that use POE saving energy power, auto-roaming, and bandwidth management.