Cyber Threat

Do you know the risks to your data?
Cybersecurity is every company’s concern no matter how small, knowing the risks to your data and fully protecting it from attack does not need to be costly. However, not protecting your data is a cost that no company whether big or small can really afford.  For many small to medium businesses, it can trigger the end of what was once a successful business as the cost of recovery for a small firm outstrips the company’s ability to make money.

We hear plenty in the news about cybercrime for personal data and individuals and the repercussions of this are costly and long lasting.  With an individual the lasting effects of a cyberattack/crime can leave a fragile state of mind, mistrust in institutions and over caution for subsequent financial or domestic decisions. But for a business it is also far reaching, much like a domino effect, the initial attack could tip into other linked individuals or companies if not discovered or contained.

Your business is not only the potential victim of a cyber-attack, but also the channel to spread the attack further.  Even if you can recover financially, how will it impact your company’s integrity to do business if you have compromised client’s data?

The contagion effect calls your company’s integrity into question regardless of how quickly or efficiently you recovered from the attack.  It is the customer/client/supplier that may mistrust, be overly cautious or unwilling to do any business with you, for you, or on behalf of your company.

Have you reviewed your Cyber Security Protection lately?
The ICO recommend that companies regularly review and improve their security features on an ongoing basis. 
There are ever improving solutions to reduce the risk of cyber crime for all business… and it will never cost the amount that a potential breach would cost in your entire business lifecycle.

With LJT Systems security suite we will make sure that your systems are monitored, analyzed for unusual user behaviour, scanning for threats, blocking malicious attack and content. Our suite is not just reactive, it is proactive as it features local machine learning models and advanced heuristics trained to spot hacking tools, exploits and malware obfuscation techniques to block highly developed threats before execution. Spotting these suspicious changes could be the difference between an alert of a potential risk rather than an alarm of an attack. LJT security suite will simplify security & reduce costs with our comprehensive layered monitoring and management service.